Extra Services at the Zahnarztpraxis am See

Expertise, transparent prices and expert consultation are the three principles on which our practice runs. At the same time, we let our work be guided by empathy and thoughtfulness.



We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your stay in our practice. We explain the entire procedure to you, step by step. Should you ever wish to stop the procedure, you can let us know at any time via hand signal.
We understand very well that the thought of visiting the dentist makes many people anxious. That is why we are committed to making you feel at ease throughout your entire stay. In our practice you will always be in good hands.

Multilingual team

We want to make sure that all our patients and their needs are understood. That is why our treatments are available not only in German, but also in English, Spanish or Italian.

Get a second opinion – free of charge

Oftentimes, for example ahead of a procedure, an opinion from another dentist is appreciated. For that reason, we offer the possibility to get a second opinion in our practice – free of charge. For this, please always bring your x-ray images with you..

Pediatric dentistry

Children require a different kind of dental care than adults. Baby teeth, the right teeth-cleaning technique and the prevention of tooth misalignment are all central aspects.
We adjust all our treatments to fit the needs of our youngest patients. We also explain the procedure in a child-friendly and patient manner.

Advice on dental hygiene upon request

We will gladly offer advice on how to improve your dental hygiene. Healthy gums and teeth can improve a person´s well-being considerably. Properly brushing your teeth cannot only prevent many undesired effects but also lets you enjoy a healthy smile.

Dental emergency – Now what?

It can happen out of nowhere falling from your bike, losing your grip on a glass of water or a ball hitting you in the face.
What should you do in the case of a loose, chipped or knocked out tooth?

  1. Stay calm
  2. Get a good picture of the type of injury
  3. If in doubt, call our emergency number: 079 642 31 76
  4. And lastly: Do not forget to report the incident to your health insurance provider

Frequent dental emergencies

tooth knocked out

Immediately put the tooth in a glass of milk and go to the emergency room.
Do not clean the tooth.

chipped tooth

Immediately put tooth fragment in a glass of milk and go to the emergency room.
Do not clean the tooth fragment.

small corner piece chipped

If you are not feeling any pain, think an injury through the new sharp edge of the tooth is unlikely and are generally not injured, the tooth can also be treated at a later time.
If in doubt, call the emergency number.


Further tips on how to act in the case of a dental emergency can be found here:

https://www.zahnunfallzentrum.ch/zahnunfaelle.html (German)

Further interesting checklists, downloads and information surrounding dental medicine and hygiene can be found here:

https://www.sso.ch/patienten/prophylaxe.html (German)