Lake view dental aesthetics

A great smile makes things happen. Misaligned or discolored teeth along with other visible irregularities can negatively affect a person´s overall appearance and hamper one´s everyday life. Whether it is at a job interview, in a meeting or during an important presentation: White, straight and healthy teeth are our natural business cards and a real confidence booster.

The Zahnarztpraxis am See offers first-class dental aesthetics so that you can show the world your beautiful new smile.


Dental-aesthetic treatments


The dentist attaches very thin ceramic plates to the anterior teeth. Thanks to the translucent material, the results look natural. Veneers can be used to hide strongly discolored or damaged teeth. Ideally, the teeth are bleached before the veneer is inserted, so that the color of the teeth is as bright as possible before the treatment.


To make sure that teeth and gums are healthy, it is best to have a professional dental cleaning done before each bleaching. In this procedure a whitening gel is applied to the teeth. While the teeth are exposed to the gel, discoloration caused by age, smoking or coffee consumption is dissolved and the teeth regain their brilliant, white color.
We use bleaching trays made with the help of a 3D scanner. This allows for the active substances to be distributed evenly on your individual dental formation.The tray can be reused in later treatments, meaning that you only need to purchase the gel when you come again.

Tooth misalignment corrections

We can easily realign misaligned teeth with synthetic trays (aligners). These trays are made with the help of a 3D scanner and are, unlike brackets, transparent and therefore barely visible. They are comfortable to wear and harmless for your teeth.

Swarovski tooth jewelry

The fine glass jewelry crystals from the renowned, long-established Austrian brand complement any smile and can also turn yours into a true eye-catcher. Give your look the finishing touch it deserves. We will be happy to advise you.